Manuela Zechner

Manuela Zechner works across research and pedagogy/facilitation, with a focus on social movements, embodiment and translation.

In 2014 she finished her PhD thesis on Precarity and Networks of Care in the European Crisis at Queen Mary University London. MA in Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths College London, with a thesis on Subjectivity and Collectivity in Foucault and Simondon. BA Fine Arts Media at Chelsea College of Art. Manuela works across relational methods (Theatre of the Oppressed, Somatics, Choreography, Writing), research methods (mapping, performative interview, co-research and militant research) and audiovisual production (radio/audio and video).
 Her primary projects are the Future Archive (2005- ), Radical Collective Care Practices (2012- ) the radio show The Sounds of Movement (2012-hoy) and Vocabulaboratories (2007-2009). She is part of various collectives and networks, amongst them the Nanopolitics group (2010- ), the Centre for Ethics and Politics (2011- ), Kamion Magazine (2014- ) and la Electrodoméstica (2014/15). She works in/with English, German, Spanish and French. CV here, publications here.


Manuela Zechner es investigadora, dinamizadora-pedágoga y traductora. 

En 2014 ha completado su doctorado sobre Precariedad y Redes de Cuidado en la Crisis Europea, en Queen Mary University of London. MA en Visual Cultures de Goldsmiths University London, tesis sobre subjetividad y colectividad con Foucault y Simondon. BA en Fine Art Media de Chelsea College of Art.
Trabaja con metodos de relacion (Teatro del Oprimido, Somatica, Coreografia, Escritura), investigacion (mapeo, performative interview, co-research, militant research) y produccion audiovisual (radio, video).
Sus principales proyectos son el Future Archive (2005- ), Radical Collective Care Practices (2012- ) y la emision radio The Sounds of Movement (2012- ) y Vocabulaboratories (2007-2009). Participa en varios colectivos, como el Nanopolitics group (2010- ), el Centre for Ethics and Politics (2011- ), la revista Kamion (2014- ) y la Electrodoméstica (2014/15). Trabaja con/en inglés, alemán, castellano y francés. CV aqui, publicaciones alli.