Situating oneself collectively: book project


We are currently editing a publication in collaboration with the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest Press as part of the post-production process of the Autumn Lab: Situating Oneself; politics and tactics within displacement. 

… this publication, what has interested us with regards to strategies of situatedness is their pertinence to our own worlds. We, as what may be called knowledge or postfordist workers, live under highly flexible conditions, have grown up at higher points of the welfare state and european mobility, are increasingly displaced from place/identity/profession/class. We gathered around the conceptual pair displacement/situatedness because they stirred something in us, perhaps because despite being highly flexible subjects, we have recently found ourselves in new dilemmas of displacedness, feeling lost, disoriented, out of scale and measure. Perhaps because our relative privilege has shrunk to a critical point, where we stop taking certain things for granted – jobs or career, travels, social security, critical distance, transnational or local roots, certain activisms, certain politics of collectivity and trans/local organising, certain ways of seeing our position within the wider world, within the european space, within our national, regional, municipal and neighbourhood contexts. We set out to analyse displacement as key dynamic within neoliberalism and explore some of the answers that situatedness may imply.

With contributions by:

Cristina Ribas/Amit Rai/Bue Rübner Hansen/Claire English/Esquizo Grupo Barcelona/Jesper Oliver/Marc Herbst/Marcelo Expósito/Laura Lapinskiene/Claudia Delso/Alan Moore/Sara Larsdotter Hallqvist/Paula Cobo–Guevara and Manuela ZechnerIMG_1727




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